We assist you with any aspect of your business - not just financial...

Whether you are a start-up business, ongoing business or have intentions to restructure your existing business, we can help!                                                   GSTA doesn't only assist you in accounting record-keeping and tax compliance, but also provides clients with ongoing advice and guidance on business situations, structure and growth.

We are committed to provide you with comprehensive advice covering all areas of your business needs including:

  • Start-up and accounting software
  • Profit analysis
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Cash flow analysis and improvement
  • Internal control system development
  • Tax planning
  • Business processes test and improvement

We aim to help business owners save their time to focus on core business activities and increase profits.


We provide high level of expertise to start-up businesses. We assist with all steps including business structure, registration, and setting up relevant accounting system. We are ready to use our expertise to provide support and advisory services to our clients. No worries, we can work out an affordable fee that meets your budget.


We assist in the interpretation of your financial reports to help you understand your profitability. Profit analysis includes comprehensive study of revenue, additional source of income. It also helps you analyse your operating and overhead expenses to control cost and avoid unnecessary expenses. Our service will help you manage your costs more effectively and utilise your resources more efficiently.


Your Budget is a reflection of your business plan in financial terms. We will help you design the right type of budget which suits your unique business activities.

Our budgeting advisory service will enable you to determine your financial objectives, plan for future activities, and control your operational resources. It allows you to measure your business performance by using variance analysis to compare actual results with budgeted figures. You will then be able to learn the efficiency of your business processes and implement changes when necessary.


Based on your budget estimates, historical results and future goals, we can help you determine your cash flow position and forecast for a period of time. We provide accurate cash flow report which enables you to understand your cash position and determine when funds are available, so they can be used for business expansion. You will also know if cash deficit will be taken place, so you can arrange financing the short positions quite in advance.


We carry out a comprehensive study to understand your business processes and your financial policies and procedures (if any), we then identify and assess potential risks, weaknesses and areas of improvement. We discuss our findings and suggest new policies and procedures for stronger internal control system. Strong control system promotes transparency, minimise irregularities and increase business efficiency and profit.


Whether tax impacts you personally or on your business, we use our comprehensive knowledge of the Australian taxation law to analyse all possible ways and plan for an effective asset protection and minimise your tax bill.


Business process management is about testing the current operation of each process in the value chain of your business, identify weaknesses, bridge the gap and implement new business processes which allow you to have the opportunities for saving efforts, time and money. At GSTA, we have the expertise to help you streamline your business processes (such as customer order, purchase, warehousing, sales, distribution, and customer services) to eradicate unnecessary costs, drive growth and make additional profits.